HWI Analytik was founded in 1991 by Dr. Stefan Wissel and Professor Dr. Hanns Häberlein in Rheinzabern in Southern Palatinate. The first laboratory was located in the backyard of Dr. Stefan Wissel's parents' pharmacy. The name HWI was formed from the initials of the surnames Häberlein and Wissel. The addition of the term “Analytik” describes the young entrepreneurs’ focus of activity at that time, which consisted in dealing with analytical issues. Over the years the services have permanently been expanded; the company looks back on continuous growth. 

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LAZ GmbH & Co. KG wird in die HWI ANALYTIK GmbH integriert und ergänzt das Dienstleistungsspektrum im Bereich Laboratory Services. Der Standort in Tübingen bleibt erhalten.[more]


20-year existence of HWI ANALYTIK GmbH as well as founding of Alphatopics GmbH[more]


Start of client workshops entitled „HWI conferences“[more]


  • Partnership between HWI ANALYTIK GmbH, Sercona GmbH (Appenweier), i.DRAS GmbH (Munich-Martinsried) and LAZ GmbH & Co. KG (Tuebingen)
  • Relocation of the Laboratory for the Isolation and Synthesis of Natural Products to Rülzheim
  • All departments of HWI ANALYTIK are located at one site again


  • Relocation of company site of HWI ANALYTIK from Rheinzabern to Rülzheim
  • Relocation of the Departments Drug Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance to Rülzheim
  • Capacity expansion of GMP Laboratory
  • Foundation of Sercona GmbH (Appenweier) as a subsidiary of HWI ANALYTIK with the objective of Pharmaceutical Research and Product Development
  • 65 employees


  • Setup of Scientific Project Management
  • Capacity expansion of the GMP Laboratory and Phamacovigilance
  • 50 employees


Setup of Pharmacovigilance Department[more]


  • Company extension: Relocation of GMP Laboratory to Rülzheim
  • Setup of a Department of Synthesis for Impurities
  • 40 employees


  • Company extension: Relocation of the Isolation of Natural Products Department to a second site in Rheinzabern
  • 30 employees


  • Expansion of the Medicinal Product Toxicology Department
  • Expansion of training and seminar facilities